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Good Choose from Newstar, in field of Kitchen & Bath Industrial products, covers Kitchen & Bath Cabinet, Stainless Steel sinks, Porcelian (Ceramic) sinks & Vessels, Glass Vanity & Sinks, Faucet & Taps, Copper sinks, Acrylic Bathtub, theirof Accessories and so on
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China Leading supplier of Kitchen & Bath products, covers Kitchen & Bath Cabinet, Stainless Steel sinks, porcelain (Ceramic) sinks & pedestal, Glass Vanity & Sinks, Faucet & Taps, Copper sinks, Acrylic Bathtub, wooden door and theirof Accessories etc
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Newstar(China) mainly produce and export all kinds of Stone, kitchen, bathroom and others building material from china.
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  • WELCOME TO Our New Website!(2008-6-18)
    Hi, we have Finished our new website updating, you are welcome to enquiry again, and order from us. WE would do our fastest reply for you and also delivery your goods for you ASAP
    Meanwhile, we would offer you competitive price, but as you know, Newstar Industry always like to supply Top Quality first, then price!AS Quality grade is from Price! but we assure we can offer you top quality under reasonable price!
    Like to service you
    any question, pls contact us.
    Newstar Industrial
    June 18 2008

    This is our new website , we have so many kinds kitchen and bathroom products in our new website ,include kitchen cabinets,bathroom cabinet,copper sinks,stainless steel sink,ceramic sink,artist china bowl,glass vessel sink,glass vanity,acrylic bathtub, spa outdoor bath tubs,shower panel,shower heard,faucet,copper faucets, our designer will exploit more and more new products for customer different demand. If you are decorating your house now or do project now ,please find all the bath and kitchen products on our newstar website . we are a one stop shop ,you can mix them in full container .
  • Products Category (Large Kitchen & Bathroom Products Collection & Export From China)
    Welcome to 100% Fine copper Crafts &exports! We have an extensive collection of handmade, hammered copper kitchen sinks, copper bathroom sinks, copper farmhouse basins, copper bar bowl,hammered copper bathtubs,copper tiles. All of these products are made by Chinese skilled coppersmiths. Hammering the copper sheet and handling different heating processes, several finishes are possible, and we have a wide range of sizes and designs to meet your kitchen ,bathroom,farm,bar and room decor expectations. You can also browse the whole catalog for different other items such as: kitchen copper sink with apron,kitchen copper sink without apron,kitchen triple bowl sink,kitchen double bowl sink,kitchen single bowl sink,bathroom oval copper sink,bathroom round copper sink, bathroom copper bathtub,copper tile, copper accessories, bathroom accessories and more, just click here!
    Copper Sinks>>About Copper sinks
    Copper has been proved to be a natural antibacterial metal. Recent research has shown the bacteria can't live in copper sufaces, this fact is very important for items so close to our daily lifes as a bathroom or kitchen sink are. Besides the natural copper beauty, these properties make a copper kitchen sink or bathroom copper sink an ideal candidate to give life to your kitchen and bath. And we also can supply copper tiles, copper wall panel, copper bathtub ,copper hood and copper accessory. Copper tiles and copper wall panel will enhance your room look and style, and copper bathtub will make an outstanding bathroom .and all our copper hood are made with customized design. all our copper sinks are hammered handmade. They are made by 99.99% fine copper , all our copper products series can be made with customized design. 0 products

    Copper Sinks>>Copper Apron
    Like a apron sink to avoid your clothing to be dirty , choose our apron farm sink . there are 39 design for our apron front ,you can choose which you like for your arpon front ,customer design on apron is also avaiable. Newstar Copper factory export best copper sinks, products available worldwide made by artists that care about their craft. The result is the largest selection of high quality and custom crafted sinks and accessories available. 39 products

    Copper Sinks>> Kitchen copper sinks
    These are all our kitchen handmade hammered copper sink styles.both can be used for double bowl and single bowl sink.triple bowl sink is also can be use these design. These styles have an apron, and the style is sometimes called a farm sink. The apron will extend out a little farther than your cabinet, making the copper a feature of beauty in your kitchen. The finish is dark antique like an old penny created by a heat treatment. The copper is heavy gauge (16 guage) and extremely durable. Copper will not support bacterial,viral or fungal growth so copper is considered the healthiest material for a sink. We also have these sink without apron. 40 products

    Copper Sinks>>Bathroom copper sinks
    Copper is another popular choice of sink material. All our copper sinks are 'hand hammered' which means they are fabricated by and old world tradition which involves an artisan hammering a single sheet of copper into a desired shape. Our Copper sinks are created by Chinese.All copper sinks are made with 16 guage (1.5mm) copper . We can supply many kinds of copper basin for bathroom use.include round copper sink and oval copper sink,with picture on the side face or without picture. 28 products

    Copper Sinks>>Copper tiles
    These copper tiles are a piece of art each one of them, they will enhance your place look and style! We have them (for now) in just one finish: Antique hammered. If you are looking for backsplash kitchen copper tiles or vanity backsplash copper tiles, along with your kitchen or bath granite these tiles will combine naturally with the stone. They come in two sizes 4"x4" and 6"x6".and we have many kinds of picture on it . We also can supply copper wall panel ,with 2¡±x12¡± size ,or customized size is also ok. 29 products

    Copper Sinks>>Copper bathtubs
    This Hammered Copper Bath Tub is amazing! This along with a copper sink will make an outstanding bathroom. Did you know that copper will not support bacterial, viral or fungal growth? This makes copper the most sterile material to use for a bath tub or sink. The dark color will stay dark like an old penny. Any scratch will quickly heal over with oxidation. 3 products

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