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Good Choose from Newstar, in field of Kitchen & Bath Industrial products, covers Kitchen & Bath Cabinet, Stainless Steel sinks, Porcelian (Ceramic) sinks & Vessels, Glass Vanity & Sinks, Faucet & Taps, Copper sinks, Acrylic Bathtub, theirof Accessories and so on
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China Leading supplier of Kitchen & Bath products, covers Kitchen & Bath Cabinet, Stainless Steel sinks, porcelain (Ceramic) sinks & pedestal, Glass Vanity & Sinks, Faucet & Taps, Copper sinks, Acrylic Bathtub, wooden door and theirof Accessories etc
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Newstar(China) mainly produce and export all kinds of Stone, kitchen, bathroom and others building material from china.
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  • WELCOME TO Our New Website!(2008-6-18)
    Hi, we have Finished our new website updating, you are welcome to enquiry again, and order from us. WE would do our fastest reply for you and also delivery your goods for you ASAP
    Meanwhile, we would offer you competitive price, but as you know, Newstar Industry always like to supply Top Quality first, then price!AS Quality grade is from Price! but we assure we can offer you top quality under reasonable price!
    Like to service you
    any question, pls contact us.
    Newstar Industrial
    June 18 2008

    This is our new website , we have so many kinds kitchen and bathroom products in our new website ,include kitchen cabinets,bathroom cabinet,copper sinks,stainless steel sink,ceramic sink,artist china bowl,glass vessel sink,glass vanity,acrylic bathtub, spa outdoor bath tubs,shower panel,shower heard,faucet,copper faucets, our designer will exploit more and more new products for customer different demand. If you are decorating your house now or do project now ,please find all the bath and kitchen products on our newstar website . we are a one stop shop ,you can mix them in full container .
  • Products Category (Large Kitchen & Bathroom Products Collection & Export From China)
    Ceramic sink is the most robust sink among the bath sinks, range from white ceramic vessel sinks, artistic porcelain sink to undermount ceramic sinks, drop-in ceramic sink, above counter ceramic sinks, and ceramic sink with pedestal, we have a side range of ceramic bathroom sink for your reference. Ceramic sinks are solid, homely, and attractive with a touch of elegance making them the focal and popular option of a bathroom sink. Their designs can come in all types of shape, such as round, oval or square, they can be used both in countertop and on pedestal to creating a perfect harmony to your bathroom. These porcelain sinks are made of top one quality vitreous china in gloss finish. They are durable and will keep active through yeas of use with normal maintenance. Undermount ceramic sinks are even available in biscuit and black colors to match your washroom environment.
    Ceramic Sinks(China Bowl)>>Vitreous China Bowl(Undermount)
    Undermount ceramic sinks are sleek and gorgeous. They are easy to maintain, keep clean and they provide a smooth transition between your countertop and sink. Undermount ceramic Sink are becoming more popular with the advent of modern, minimalist work-surfaces featuring in kitchens and bathroom. they are compatible to any type of kitchen and bathroom design, cabinetry or lay-out. 28 products

    Ceramic Sinks(China Bowl)>>Vitreous China Sink(Topmount)
    Supply you some Virtreous topmount (dropin)China sink and ceramic sinks, with different size. 9 products

    Ceramic Sinks(China Bowl)>>Above Counter China Sink(Artistic)
    The unique beauty and bold designs of our above counter ceramic sinks have made them favorites of designers and homeowners alike. From classic counter top bowls, bathroom ceramic sink to sophisticated contemporary vessels we have the perfect sink. They are also very affordable, and come in various shape, styles and sizes that would definitely match your home needs. 87 products

    Ceramic Sinks(China Bowl)>>Pedestal Ceramic Basins(Artistic)
    Pedestal basins are a great option if you want to conceal your pipe work. Not only does the pedestal add extra support to the basin, it also hides the P-trap under the sink for an inexpensive, neat finish. you can really achieve a seamless contemporary look, which is both stylish and functional. On our website, you'll find all of our pedestal basins side by side, helping you to find the right fit for your bathroom 20 products

    Ceramic Sinks(China Bowl)>>China Art bowl(Artistic)
    Choose an artistic china sink with colorful, painted motif to creating soothing and stylish bathroom spaces, our Newstar china sink is your top option. With the trend-setting designs, including natural, textures, artistic and much more, we offer you the largest range of Grade A Ceramic sinks.These china sink is handmade , which is made by jingdezhen porcelain. Our beautifully and modern finished vitreous china sinks are the visually pleasing addition to your bathroom d¨Ścor, and ideally suited to contemporary way of life. 61 products

    Ceramic Sinks(China Bowl)>>Hand-painted ceramic sink(Artistic)
    This is our coloured drawing ceramic sink ,the beautiful design on the side face of the ceramic sink is handmade . our worker draw on the side face, and then bake it ,the color and the picture will never fade. 13 products

    Ceramic Sinks(China Bowl)>>Ceramic vanity Tops (Artistic)
    If you donĄŻt like the stone and glass vanity top ,try to use our ceramic vanity , it is easily to clean. And with nice Look. Many design for your choice. 40 products

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