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Bathtub and Shower Sets, Acrylic Bathtubs,Spa Bathtubs

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Bathtub and Shower Sets

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newstar is a supplier of bath tubs, bathroom tubs, acrylic bathtubs, corner bathtub, stone bath tubs, American bath tubs, and also cast iron bath tubs and so on

Bathtub and Shower Sets >> Cast iron bathtub
A bathtub is usually placed in a bathroom either as a stand-alone fixture or in conjunction with a shower.Modern bathtubs have overflow and waste drains and may have taps mounted on them. They may be built-in or free standing or sometimes sunken. Until recently, most bathtubs were roughly rectangular in shape but with the advent of acrylic thermoformed baths, more shapes are becoming available. Bathtubs are commonly white in colour although many other colours can be found.both indoor and out door bathtub is available in Newstar.

Bathtub and Shower Sets >> Indoor Bathtubs

Whether you do-it-yourself or are in the business, beautiful Lucite cast acrylic can provide the answer to your bathware needs. With bathtub and shower surfaces made from long-lasting NEWSTAR cast acrylic you'll see, feel and appreciate the difference.The unique shine of NEWSTAR bathtub and shower surfaces will make your entire bathroom sparkle. And now you can get the antimicrobial protection which is right into your NEWSTAR bathware.

Bathtub and Shower Sets >> Spa Bathtubs
If you are looking for a out door spa bathtub, then take a look at Newstar Tub & Bath's wide variety of Spa Bath Tubs. You deserve to enjoy the soothing comfort of bubbles from a spa bath tub as you relax from a hard day of work. Choose from a selection of styles and sizes to add the finishing touch to your bathroom.

Bathtub and Shower Sets >> Shower Room
Bathrooms are one of the most luxurious spaces in today's homes, homeowners want to create a serene and relaxing retreat to escape for a few moments each day. More popular than ever before are frameless shower enclosures. Whether framed or frameless, we can create the perfect custom shower enclosure to suit your design needs. Make a statement of practical luxury in your bathroom by turning your bathroom into a beautiful focal point with a quadrant glass shower door to add drama and give your bathroom a defining appearance. With all the time spent in the shower, a stunning and functional glass shower enclosure is a must. Our range of shower enclosures includes square, rectangular, quadrant and pentagonal shapes and walk in, shower doors to fit your bathroom design.

Bathtub and Shower Sets >> Steam Room
If you use one or both of these hot rooms at the health club, you may have developed a personal preference for one versus the other. Some people use either the sauna or the steam room as a treat - a session of relaxation after their workout. That approach is fine but you should know that these heat therapies offer so much more! For one, a steam room does more than just open the pores and ease breathing. First of all, just like a sauna, it makes you sweat which is a necessary function of the skin.


Bathtub and Shower Sets >> Sauna Room
Enhance any part of your home with a Polar Panel Built Home Sauna. Meticulously designed for beauty, they are of exceptional quality and offer efficient assembly in as little as one afternoon or evening. Newstar sauna cabins are becoming an increasingly popular addition to your home due to their many health and relaxation benefits, affordability and ease of installation.

Bathtub and Shower Sets >> Accessories-Shower panel
Shower panel and columns are the fruits of many of research and experience,and have been created by selecting the best material available to guarantee perfect operations and lasting quality for an article that will become an irreplaceable compliment to your daily well being.

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