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copper sinks stainless steel sinks bathroom cabinets kitchen cabinetary faucets glass vanity glass sinks ceramic sinks
  welcome to china newstar cabinets, your exporter&manufacturer of kitchen cabinetry & bathroom vanity,
bath vanities. newstar direct ship the full line of kitchen and bath cabinetry, available in a wide range of styles and finishes, solid woodor
glass ,and mdf all are top quality with fashionable styles, like you what you like, decorate your life!
we offer you: kitchen cabinetry, bathroom cabinets, solid cabinets, cherry cabinets, maple cabinet, oak cabinets,
thermofoil cabinets, square doors, antique cabinets, arch doors, glazing glass vanity, vanity cabinets ,these shipped with
granite vanity, countertops for usa, europe, australia hotel & homes.

antique series
we unveil our scintillating range of carved wooden cabinets, available in
antique & classic styles that is designed to perfection to add an ethereal touch to
your ambiance. we are focused on delivering high-end wooden cabinets in a
reliable and timely fashion. we are manufacturer and supplier of wooden cabinets,
including granite and marble vanity countertops, ceramic sinks and faucets for
each wooden cabinets.
we have a rare, exotic collection of antique wooden
bathroom cabinets to match every occasion. they
are beautifully designed to fit with just about any
decor and will give you the full value for your
money. we are manufacturers and suppliers of
traditional and contemporary styles.

china newstar industrial company can
offer you wooden cabinets with granite or
marble vanity counter tops. materials can be
chose from solid wood, such as: oak, maple ,
birch, beech, aromatic, and cherry. also can
be chose from pvc and mdf.

modern series
newstar modern bathroom vanity series has a wide variety of beautiful
bathroom vanities at very affordable prices. we also have a wide selection of other
finishes and material, solid wood ,pvc,mdf are all available in any designs
and dimensions.we also offer you nice above counter and undercounter ceramic
sinks ,faucets, and granite tops ,which match vanity cabinets well.
cabinet modern series our hard work and dedication is unmatched by
competitors, and our reputation is of great prestige.
we will communicate with you to produce the best
possible design based on your preferences and our
professional knowledge, and we won't finalize it
until you are 100% satisfied with all the drawings,
and materials used in the design.

all the designs are popular in north america
and europe markets. size and designs can be
custom-made. pvc.mdf and ply-wood are
also available here.
cabinet antique bc029 newstar bc-029
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cabinet antique bc120 newstar bc-120
cabinet antique bc008 newstar bc-008
cabinet antique bc113 newstar bc-113
cabinet antique bc116 newstar bc-116
cabinet antique bc033 newstar bc-033
cabinet antique bc123 newstar bc-123

kitchen cabinet
finished natural oak is a durable wood, and is the most popular wood
species for kitchen cabinetry.

oak is a very strong, open-grained hardwood that ranges in color from
salmon-pink to almost white. the wood is mostly straight-grained, with a
coarse texture. oak can have dramatic variations in color, knots and grain
pattern. our cabinets offer a rich look and feel, containing natural
characteristics such as pin knots and flecks, and may contain streaks of green,
gold and black mineral deposits. the prominent flame-shaped grain pattern is beautifully enhanced when
our finish color is applied. our all wood cabinets are finished using an 11 step
finishing process which results in unparalleled beauty.
our oak cabinets are constructed of solid wood doors and finished plywood
drawer boxes. the drawer boxes are screwed rabbit joints.
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china newstar bathroom wooden cabinets are made of the
premium quality wood with proper combination of decoration
and practicability., and available in a variety of sizes, designs
and finishes. the intricate carvings created by the adept
craftsmen are a sheer visual delight. the modern styles are
suitable for contemporary fashion bathrooms. we manufacture
bathroom cabinets made of natural wood (oak, maple,
aromatic and cherry) which can be easily assembled and
moved. you can not only choose what you like from our series,
but also can tell us what you want. we will try our best to
meet your needs.

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china newstar
newstar export fashionable style, traditional & classic
cabinets and custom bathroom countertops & vanities for
bathroom and kitchen, each tradition vanity and cabinets,
countertops is grouped by sizes.
this is kitchen cabinets,bathroom cabinets and kitchen,
bathroom countertop,vanities made by china, top quality,
fashional style, delivery on time.

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